A Chronological Inventory of Lexical Works in Cebuano: 1521 to 1990
  with partial and selective annotations ( ...continued )

by Jessie Grace U. Rubrico

Undated Works

Acraman, Medaylin B. "Deceptive cognate of Cebuano, Maranao and Pilipino." Seminar 
paper (M.A.T.), Uninversity of the Philippines, Quezon City. 180 pp. 
Campion, Juan Antonio; S.J. "Vocabulario de la lengua Bisaya." Manuscript. 
Estorco, Avelino. Basic English-Cebuano Dictionary. Manuscript (At the Filipiniana section of
 the Xavier University Library) 
Institute of National Language. "Cebuano vocabulary that may be incorporated into 
the Filipino language." Manuscript. 
_______________. "One thousand basic words or Isang libong salitang batayan: 
Tagalog-Cebuano-Ingles." Manuscript. 
_______________. "A partial list of Spanish-Cebuano vocabulary." Manuscript. 
_______________. "Tagalog-Cebuano cognate words with identical meanings." Ms. 
_______________. "Tagalog-Cebuano cognate words with different meanings." Ms. 
_______________. "Tagalog-English-Cebuano vocabulary. 3997 words." Ms. 
Ruijter, Juan; M.S.C. Cebuano-Dutch dictionary. Lawaan, Talisay, Cebu: Sacred Heart Seminary.
 310 pp. Typescript. (At the Cebuano Studies Center, San Carlos University, Cebu City.) 
San Geronimo, Thomas de; O.S.A. Arte de la lengua Bisaya y vocabulario español- 
bisaya de la lengua Sugbuana. Manuscript. 

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