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  • Lesson 2

    by Jessie Grace U. Rubrico

    Cardinal Numbers in Yakan

    One Issah
    Two Duwe
    Three Tellu
    Four Ampat
    Five Lime
    Six Ennem
    Seven Pituh
    Eight Waluh
    Nine Siyam
    Ten Sampuh
    Eleven Sampuk dambuwah
    Twelve Sampuk duwe
    Twenty Duwenpuh
    Thirty Tellumpuh
    Forty Ampat puh
    Fifty Limem puh
    Sixty Ennempuh
    Seventy Pitumpuh
    Eighty Walumpuh
    Ninety Siyampuh
    One hundred Dahatus
    Fifty thousand Limempuh ngibu
    Seven million Pitu million


    first dehellu
    second pasunuh
    third sika tellu
    fifth sika lime
    last dembuli
    one hundredth kadahatus

    Bills (Pesos)

    ten sampuh pilak
    twenty duwenpuh pilak
    fifty pesos limempuh pilak
    one hundred dahatus pilak
    five hundred limehatus
    one thousand pesos dangibu pilak
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